Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Products!

I posted two new products on TPT tonight!  The first one is a set of  Word Wall Words and the second is a packet of guided reading lesson plans.

I was struggling to find lesson plans for my guided reading time, so I decided to create my own.  These plans allow me to still use Deanna Jump's Guided Reading 101 Packet.  They fit in with everything provided in her product and the two go perfectly together!

Well, That's it for now! I hope everyone is having a great week!! Only 2 more days until the weekend!
Stay Blessed!

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Teacher Talk Tuesday - Snowy Day Projects!

My  Christmas break has been wonderful, and was extended thanks to the snow storm we've gotten here in Indy.  However, I must admit I miss my kiddos and can't wait to see them.  I just love teaching kindergarten! I love the content I teach and i absolutely love watching my kinders grow so much in one year!  Yes, there are a lot of difficult times but they are well worth it. Any who... I have been hard at work on a few things and being snowed in has given me more of a reason to work on things, but I am very excited to share them!

I made a Sight Word Worksheet Packet!

Click here to purchase this product on my TPT store 
and click here for a FREEBIE! 

Emergent Readers! Complete with theme and sight words of the week.  I made 8 total!  These may be products on TPT soon, I haven't decided yet.

I completed my third quarter Curriculum outline

Sight Word Homework!

You can find this product here at my TPT store! 

I also created a color-by-sight-word to go with each week's theme and sight words!

and here's a color by sight word winter freebie!

Happy Tuesday and Happy Teaching!  To all my teacher friends, love what you do! You were truly chosen to do it and there is not a teacher quite like you!